Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

The sound of train whistling as they come close to the station is something that children would probably get excited about. To be honest, we suspect even adults would get excited but they prefer to keep their excitement under the cover of being “cool”, hence adults would probably not express their excitement as much as a child would when they hear the whistling train coming near. Trains are such a majestic, awesome thing and if you love trains, then a trip to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in a rented bus is something that you cannot miss.

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum exhibits a huge collection of train related items, a model railroad as well as an operating replica of The Tom Thumb, which is also the first ever locomotive ever built here. Give yourself at least a few hours if you are planning to come here to visit in a rented Baltimore bus. If you have kids, you must bring them to visit this place because they will absolutely love this museum! One of the things that younger children will get to enjoy while visiting the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum is the train tables where they can play as well as go on rides on the trains.

The train rides for visitors are on Wednesday to Sunday during the months of April right up to December and it is only available on weekends in the month of January. However, the tickets are on a first-come-first-serve basis and their train schedules vary from time to time, especially during special events and the holiday seasons. You can always call them up to find out if they have the train rides available on the day you intend to visit before you make a booking to with the Baltimore bus rental company. They have different types of train rides that you can choose from too. One thing you can be sure is that whichever train ride that you would choose for your kids, they will not complain because they will be too busy having so much fun riding on the train to complain about anything at all – well, perhaps the only complaint that they will have is when the train ride is over and they still want to ride. 

From now until 2015, Baltimore rented bus passengers will get to see the special exhibits at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum on the role of trains during the Civil War. As you tour the museum, you will also get to see many different types of train models as well as an area where they also exhibit station clocks with many of them still in good working condition. So, wait no longer, come on aboard the rented bus and let’s go-a-choo-choo right away!