Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lexington Market (Baltimore)

The markets in each country, each state and city bear their own unique mark and the markets, especially public ones like Lexington in Baltimore, here are no different. Travelers will know to hit the public markets in the city if they want to have a taste of local flavor. At the center of the Lexington market lies a very old-fashioned untouched scene, and it is right here that people will get to mingle around with the local people, learn about their culture and see what everyday life is like for the folks right here in Baltimore. Make your way here during your Baltimore charter bus rental vacation to explore the one hundred and forty different vendors selling all sorts of unique items. Baltimore rental bus visitors will find themselves poring over everything from ice-cream to crabcakes, from pizzas to kitchen towels.
The electric atmosphere usually peaks around lunch hour when folks from surrounding neighborhoods and foreign tourists pour in to join in on the festivities. The market also serves as a stage for musicians who wishes to entertain and showcase their they always believe, who knows where a talent scout might be looking for talents.
The market is no ordinary farmers market as we can see as they host large events from time to time like the Preakness Crab Derby. The derby is an old Baltimore tradition and visitors are encouraged to make their way in the party bus, charter bus, school bus or coach charter to join in on these events as they will get the chance to see an experience, first-hand, a very old Baltimore tradition which may be hanging onto its last few decades.
February, for the folks of Baltimore who throng to the Lexington open market regularly, is Black History Month. For every day of the month of February, there are dances, songs, gospels, blues and jazz music wafting through the air. Often times, teachers and speakers chooses to educate tourists and vacationers about the history of the blacks with the intention of sharing a part of their history and tradition with others. This is a much treasured tradition, we assure you, and you may not get to see this kind of Baltimore bus rental event anywhere else in the country or the world.
And in March every year, we have something called ‘Lunch With The Elephants’ which quite literally getting up close and personal with these gentle giants. While munching on your favorite pizza during the mini bus stop, watch or help feed the wonderful creatures their lunch that consist of thousands of oranges, apples, lettuce, bananas, pears, and carrots.
And if you are in Baltimore in May, you might event get to experience the unique jockey blue crabs race called Preakness Celebrity Blue Crab Derby. You don’t get any quirkier than that. But that is for another story.
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