Thursday, December 5, 2013

Family Activities in Baltimore for Free

When it comes to travel, it does not mean that you would have to spend a lot just to keep your kids happy and entertained. There is actually lots to do in Baltimore that does not cost a single cent, and at the same time gives your children a fun and exciting experience to remember. Here are some of the places you can ask your mini rental bus driver to take you to where you and your kids can have fun, all for free!

Art and Museum Hopping

Some museums and art centers do not charge an admission fee to visit. One of such museum is The Walters Art Museum. There is no admission fee charged to visit and there are even programs and activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers such as arts programs. Charter bus visitors can bring their kids to roam the halls of The Walters Art Museum to learn more about the ancient art exhibited in its halls.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspiring Insight at Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore is a city built and grew as an industrial hub and at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, you will get to dive straight right into the industrial revolution. Visitors have all raved and said that they learned so much about the revolution and began to understand Baltimore and its residents a whole lot more after that. Baltimore Bus Rentals have been lucky enough to have served as a Baltimore transportation company for our customers when they made their visit to Baltimore Museum of Industry.
What can you learn from the museum? When you make your way to old cannery, where this tourist destination is location, you will discover a world of various types of manufacturing from earlier parts of the 20th century. These industries helped shape not just Baltimore or Maryland, but have a huge role in shaping America as a country. The kids are going to fall absolutely heads over heels in love with the hands-on section during your Baltimore bus rentals vacation. The olden-type equipments have been repaired and refurbished to perfect working order so that you can give the equipment a spin. There are many other interesting artifacts to learn up on too so, we are quite certain you are going to have the time of your life investigating and exploring them all.
Many of the exhibits are dedicated to Baltimore as a city that has grown by leaps and bounds because of the manufacturing sector but let’s just say that the exhibit that truly took away the spotlight was The Baltimore. The Baltimore is the last, single oldest-surviving steam tugboat. You will not find another one like it in America. In fact, the tugboat has been named as a part of the National Historic Landmark.
When our Baltimore bus rentals customers say that it is an interesting museum, they mean it. Definitely not your conventional art and exhibit museum, for sure. And we think elderly people might really love the place because they might remember even more about the old vehicles and perhaps, store goods and machinery might tug at their heartstrings a whole lot more too.
Baltimore’s Museum of Industry is very well-maintained and run with multiple rooms featuring specific topics or industry. For example, you would find one room focusing on just bakery stuff, and then another showcases auto garage materials, and then another with exhibits from the garment manufacturing sector from the older times.
To say that the Baltimore bus rentals museum is fascinating is not at all an understatement so, head over and discover a world of stuff you thought you would never want to know about. Get ready to be blown over.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Educational Trip to Baltimore’s National Aquarium

The National Aquarium at 501 E Pratt St, Inner Harbor, Baltimore is said to be one of the world’s best aquariums and they have three pavilions that exhibits amazing creatures and they also have a living collection that include more than sixteen thousand animals of different species and marine life. This is a great place for group tours as well as for visitors who come visiting the city for the first time. If you are planning a trip for your some of your friends who would be visiting soon, why not rent a Baltimore bus and bring them to this magnificent place?

The National Aquarium also offers their visitors membership (especially for those who intend to return here again and again) because it would be of a greater value for money and it will also benefit the animal research and conservation, among some of the other benefits that comes with the membership. However, for you and your friends who will make this your only trip to the National Aquarium in the Baltimore rental bus, you are not obligated to purchase the membership. Dolphin shows are a daily event at the aquarium, so be sure to check the time of the shows when you arrive at the National Aquarium, so that you won’t miss it. When you walk through the aquarium, you will not feel like you don’t know anything about the creatures that are on display because they do provide some information on each exhibit.
Just like zoos or other aquariums, the National Aquarium would be expected to be crowded on weekends and on days when they may have special events, so it is not surprising at all if you happen to be there on a weekend with your friends and you find the place crowded and packed with many other people too. Hence, if you want to beat the crowd, and since your friends are already on a holiday visiting you, it would be a good idea to rent the Baltimore bus on a weekday and make a trip to the National Aquarium instead. That way, you and your friends get to enjoy all the exhibits and displays at the aquarium with minimal crowd and distractions. And if you get hungry after visiting the aquarium, you can always request for the Baltimore rental bus driver to bring you and your friends for lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants near the National Aquarium.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

The sound of train whistling as they come close to the station is something that children would probably get excited about. To be honest, we suspect even adults would get excited but they prefer to keep their excitement under the cover of being “cool”, hence adults would probably not express their excitement as much as a child would when they hear the whistling train coming near. Trains are such a majestic, awesome thing and if you love trains, then a trip to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in a rented bus is something that you cannot miss.

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum exhibits a huge collection of train related items, a model railroad as well as an operating replica of The Tom Thumb, which is also the first ever locomotive ever built here. Give yourself at least a few hours if you are planning to come here to visit in a rented Baltimore bus. If you have kids, you must bring them to visit this place because they will absolutely love this museum! One of the things that younger children will get to enjoy while visiting the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum is the train tables where they can play as well as go on rides on the trains.

The train rides for visitors are on Wednesday to Sunday during the months of April right up to December and it is only available on weekends in the month of January. However, the tickets are on a first-come-first-serve basis and their train schedules vary from time to time, especially during special events and the holiday seasons. You can always call them up to find out if they have the train rides available on the day you intend to visit before you make a booking to with the Baltimore bus rental company. They have different types of train rides that you can choose from too. One thing you can be sure is that whichever train ride that you would choose for your kids, they will not complain because they will be too busy having so much fun riding on the train to complain about anything at all – well, perhaps the only complaint that they will have is when the train ride is over and they still want to ride. 

From now until 2015, Baltimore rented bus passengers will get to see the special exhibits at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum on the role of trains during the Civil War. As you tour the museum, you will also get to see many different types of train models as well as an area where they also exhibit station clocks with many of them still in good working condition. So, wait no longer, come on aboard the rented bus and let’s go-a-choo-choo right away!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lexington Market (Baltimore)

The markets in each country, each state and city bear their own unique mark and the markets, especially public ones like Lexington in Baltimore, here are no different. Travelers will know to hit the public markets in the city if they want to have a taste of local flavor. At the center of the Lexington market lies a very old-fashioned untouched scene, and it is right here that people will get to mingle around with the local people, learn about their culture and see what everyday life is like for the folks right here in Baltimore. Make your way here during your Baltimore charter bus rental vacation to explore the one hundred and forty different vendors selling all sorts of unique items. Baltimore rental bus visitors will find themselves poring over everything from ice-cream to crabcakes, from pizzas to kitchen towels.
The electric atmosphere usually peaks around lunch hour when folks from surrounding neighborhoods and foreign tourists pour in to join in on the festivities. The market also serves as a stage for musicians who wishes to entertain and showcase their they always believe, who knows where a talent scout might be looking for talents.
The market is no ordinary farmers market as we can see as they host large events from time to time like the Preakness Crab Derby. The derby is an old Baltimore tradition and visitors are encouraged to make their way in the party bus, charter bus, school bus or coach charter to join in on these events as they will get the chance to see an experience, first-hand, a very old Baltimore tradition which may be hanging onto its last few decades.
February, for the folks of Baltimore who throng to the Lexington open market regularly, is Black History Month. For every day of the month of February, there are dances, songs, gospels, blues and jazz music wafting through the air. Often times, teachers and speakers chooses to educate tourists and vacationers about the history of the blacks with the intention of sharing a part of their history and tradition with others. This is a much treasured tradition, we assure you, and you may not get to see this kind of Baltimore bus rental event anywhere else in the country or the world.
And in March every year, we have something called ‘Lunch With The Elephants’ which quite literally getting up close and personal with these gentle giants. While munching on your favorite pizza during the mini bus stop, watch or help feed the wonderful creatures their lunch that consist of thousands of oranges, apples, lettuce, bananas, pears, and carrots.
And if you are in Baltimore in May, you might event get to experience the unique jockey blue crabs race called Preakness Celebrity Blue Crab Derby. You don’t get any quirkier than that. But that is for another story.
In the meantime, we invite you to hit the ‘contact’ us button for a prompt quote on the charter bus, party bus, bus rental, mini bus or school bus packages that we have to offer and we hope to be at your service in the very near future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Maryland Museum tour on a Rental Bus

Havre de Grace has rich history, which dates back to Maryland’s Colonial Period. The town's unusual name came from the Marquis de Lafayette, who claimed it reminded him of Le Havre, France. Lafayette spent time in Havre de Grace during the Revolutionary War and the town almost became America's capitol. During the 19th century, Havre de Grace became an important part of the lumber, fishing packing and canning industries, thanks to its location on the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal. Havre de Grace's museums explore the area's history, with a special emphasis on its ties to the sea, and a great way of visiting them is with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Baltimore Bus Rentals.
Havre de Grace Maritime Museum houses a collection of artifacts, photographs and books devoted to the history of the seagoing culture of the Upper Chesapeake Bay and the Lower Susquehanna River that will interest Baltimore rental bus visitors. The museum rotates exhibits and past exhibits include a selection of sailing canoes and a display about the U.S. Naval Training Center. The museum's only permanent display is devoted to John Smith's settlement Jamestown. Havre de Grace Maritime Museum also operates a school, which teaches wooden boat building to adults and teenagers.

The Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy operates cruises on the skipjack Martha Lewis throughout the year for rental bus visitors. The 49 1/2-foot skipjack is one of the last commercial dredge boats in the nation. In addition to scenic cruises, the boat also has programs that include educational programs about marine life for children, a trip with the crew to catch oysters and a mystery theater tea cruise.

The Havre de Grace Decoy Museum features exhibits dedicated to the art of decoy carving, as well as its history in American art. Rental bus visitors can view a special exhibit displaying works by famous decoy sculptors and a display of historical waterfowl hunting techniques in the region. The museum also has carving workshops and demonstrations and offers private tours for rental bus groups and schools.

Havre de Grace's lighthouse was built in 1827 and is the second oldest in Maryland. The museum is open from April to October and rental bus visitors can climb the 27 granite steps to the top of the lighthouse to experience beautiful views of the bay free of charge. The keeper's dwelling houses a gift shop and hosts exhibits. Rental bus visitors can rent the lighthouse for special events, such as weddings, and private tours are available. 

Located on a late 19th century farm, Steppingstone Farm Museum features regional arts and crafts from 1880 to 1920. The museum has an antique-decorated farmhouse and a barn that rental bus visitors can view, which contains a recreation of a late 19th century general store. Other displays include tools and vehicles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including blacksmith and potter's tools, carriages and a decoy carver's workshop. The museum grounds also have a gift shop and a herb and flower gardens.
If you’re planning a rental bus visit to Baltimore, or other areas in Maryland, give Bus Rental Baltimore a call and allow them them to organize your rental bus journey for you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dining in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Baltimore is one of America's oldest seaports, dating from the 1600s, and is today an important landmark and popular tourist destination. Rent a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus from Baltimore Bus Rentals and follow the brick promenade through this bustling complex of eateries, stores, museums, entertainment and children's attractions, sampling the fresh seafood right out of Chesapeake Bay

Rental bus visitors to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor should drop by the Oceanaire Seafood Room to enjoy cocktails in the lounge, oysters at the raw bar, and ultra-fresh, sustainably harvested fish at this restaurant, designed to recall a classic 1930s ocean liner. The menu changes daily to take advantage of the freshest of the catch, and the executive chef prepares regional specialties as well as the classics. In Baltimore, that means such dishes as grilled Chesapeake Bay oysters, rockfish stuffed with spinach, bacon and shiitake mushrooms; and crab cakes with creamy mustard mayonnaise take center stage on the menu.

Fine dining no longer necessarily involves white tablecloths and waiters in formal attire. Rental bus diners can find some of the city’s most interesting food in casual bistros, such as Ryleigh's Oyster Food & Spirits, a handsome Federal Hill restaurant and bar. Ryleigh’s fine-dining experience shows even in burgers and other standard bar fare, but seafood is what rental bus diners come for, and the signature ingredient shines in such dishes as “Maryland Heritage” oyster stew, char-grilled oysters with herb butter and Parmesan, and fried oyster tacos, and a goodly selection of the freshly shucked goods are available at the slate raw bar in back. There’s also a romantic loft complete with a wine bar, and in warm weather retractable doors turn the front of the restaurant into a sidewalk café.

Rental bus diners will not find fresher seafood anywhere in Baltimore but at the Black Olive. Head into the kitchen to view the day’s catch, and your choice of fish will soon be at your table, burnished by the grill and garnished with little more than a hint of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and a couple of capers. Sides are simple, just an orzo salad, say, studded with sun-dried tomatoes and olives, along with some lightly sautéed squash. The Spiliadis family, owners of this expanded Fells Point taverna, knows the secret: fish this fresh needs nothing more to show off its inner beauty. Start with the melitzanasalata, just eggplant, lemon and garlic with a big basket of house-made bread for scooping it up. Add an intriguing bottle of Greek wine from the carefully compiled list. Then finish with a little baklava and the fresh fruit plate.

For a gastronomic dining tour of Baltimore’s Inner harbor, give Baltimore Bus Rentals a call to find out how they can help you plan your trip with a selection from their fully equipped fleet of rental buses, and friendly, personalized service.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Eastern Shore Escapade

If you find yourself in Maryland in the summer, you will have found yourself in a state where a majority of activities cluster around and on the water. Maryland’s long history with the sea and maritime trade means that it comes close to being the world’s sailing capital. During the warm summer months, a trip to the Eastern Shore is recommended by those who have fallen in love with its charms.
Properly a peninsula that extends hundreds of mile between Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Shore is a very popular summer destination for holiday makers. Eastern Shore has many attractions for the visitor. Historical towns, beaches and good dining. Outdoor sports and activities abound in Eastern Shore, ranging from golf and bird watching to water based activities like boating and fishing.
There are also a number of events held across the summer months such as waterfront festivals, seafood festivals, boating regattas and racing, museum exhibits, arts and crafts, tournaments for golf and fishing. Certainly there is something for everyone in the family to watch or participate in when visiting Eastern Shore.
Chesapeake City is a small town located on the north end of Eastern Shore that is known for its charming ambiance. This town has a canal that was constructed in 1829, and provides fine dining, antique shopping, outdoor concert and seasonal events. There are also farm visits and boat tours.
The historic town of Chestertown was once a key port in the early settlement of America. It boasts of colonial architecture, churches and interesting shops. Sailing and sailing classes are available in Chestertown.
Rock Hall is a quaint fishing town that has its economy very much tied in to the water. With 15 marinas, and a long history with the fishing industry, Rock Hall also has a Waterman’s Museum and public fishing areas. The Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge is located near Rock Hall, and is home to 234 species of birds, including nesting grounds for the bald eagle.
A popular destination for boaters is St Michael's. Location of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St Michael’s has a variety of gift shops, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and inns. Not to be missed is the opportunity to dine on freshly caught crabs and oysters.
Cambridge is home of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. This is a 27,000 acre nesting ground for numerous bird species and mammals, and contains over a hundred endangered species. Birdwatching and photography is a key draw for visitors coming to Cambridge.
The largest city on Eastern Shore is Salisbury. Attractions at Salisbury include the Arthur W Perdue stadium, the Salisbury Zoo and Park and the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. 
Oxford is the oldest town on Eastern, having been a port of entry for British trade vessels since colonial times. Accessible by ferry from Bellevue.
This selection of attractions is a small sampling of the places and activities available at Eastern Shore. Baltimore Bus Rentals would be more than happy to assist you in providing vehicles to cater to your group’s travel needs.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Traveling in Baltimore

Welcome to Baltimore Bus Rentals! We are excited that you have dropped by our website and welcome you to check out our fleet of charter bus, coach bus, party bus, school bus, mini bus, luxury coaches, crew bus and other luxury convertible and vehicles. We trust that you will be pleased to find out that our network bus and vehicle owners and operators were hand-picked based on the quality of the charter buses that they offer and also the level of standard practice in their company. Baltimore Bus Rentals is a company that believes in quality above all else and would never compromise on the safety of our passengers. Therefore, Baltimore Bus Rentals is, indeed, a name that you can trust.
How do we ensure our passengers’ safety? We conduct thorough testing and evaluation of the vehicles on a regular basis. An agent and staff is sent to ensure that the bus operators have complied with all rules and regulations pertaining to the transportation industry. We want the buses that we provide to be not only of the latest and newest model but also we insist on well-maintained vehicles. This is how we operate to ensure that the safety of our customers is never compromised.
Travel in luxury and comfort. One of the things that boggle travelers’ minds whenever they are traveling in a group is transportation. How to get to one place to another in a strange, foreign city can ruin just about anyone’s vacation. Why put yourself through such trouble when you can solve it with convenient bus from a company like Baltimore Bus Rentals at an affordable price? All you need to charter the bus from us and then let us know where you want to get to. As you explore Baltimore, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the charter bus will be waiting for you, to take you to your next intended destination.
Convenient shuttling of wedding guests. Our bus customers also find that our charter bus rental services is fantastic for weddings, especially when they have out-of-town guests. Make your event more memorable for your guests when you show them that you care for their well-being and transportation by making a shuttle bus available to your guests. Pre-determine the shuttle time and have your wedding guests waits for the bus to arrive and then take them to and from the hotel and event venue conveniently.
Pick up the phone right now and get in touch with Baltimore Bus Rental’s customer service representatives to find out how we can serve you for your event.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eating Out in Baltimore

Baltimore, with its beginnings as a seaport, has welcomed many different cultures. As such, anyone visiting Baltimore will be spoilt for choice in selecting a place to eat during your charter bus tour visit. Longshoremen fare, fine French dining, avant-garde Fusion cuisine, ethnic offerings such as Thai, Turkish or Turkmen, you can find almost every taste from around the world in Baltimore.
Breakfast bites in Baltimore run from your typical greasy spoon diners, to upscale gourmet bistros. The Papermoon Diner in Charles Village serves excellent omelets and pancakes, along with crispy hash browns. And as if it is possible to run out of options in terms of finding a good restaurant during your charter bus rental trip here, we also strongly recommend The Golden West Cafe on 36th Street offers an all day breakfast. Apart from standard breakfast fare, the cafe has recently expanded it’s vegetarian offerings, in recognition of the demand from the hipster crowd that hangs out there. Miss Shirley’s Cafe in Roland Park serves Southern style fare for breakfast and dinner. A good choice for anyone looking for a hearty meal to start the day.
Believe it or not, Lunch in Baltimore can be a serious business. For quick, cheap lunches, it would be hard to beat Martha and Mary’s in Reistertown on the Main Street. With the most expensive dish, a large pizza, set at $8.99, Martha and Mary’s serves a wide range of standard lunch fare which makes for a perfect meal for a hungry bunch of people who are on a rushed charter bus rental group vacation together. For a taste of something a little more exotic, with an eye on the clock, Lumbini’s at 332 N. Charles serves a great Nepalese/Indian buffet. Ranging from mild to spicy, the taste of the food at Lumbini’s brings out the exotic flavours and aromas of Indian cooking, without being overwhelming. For good pub type food, Garry’s Grill in Severna Park is worth checking out with the charter bus traveling buddies. Although a little hard to find, Garry’s has a great cozy pub atmosphere, and serves food to match. A menu that lists 14 salads, plus 5 build your own choices, along with a long list of burgers, sandwiches and wraps, makes this a good choice for a business person to entertain, or be entertained, while doing business.
For fine dining in Baltimore, look no further than Charleston in Lancaster Street. Ruled over by Chef Cindy Wolf, Charleston’s reputation for ‘low country’ cuisine has spread far beyond Baltimore. If you’re in the mood for seafood, Kali’s Court in Thames Street serves Mediterranean cuisine in a romantic ambiance. Accompanied by an extensive wine list, dinner at Kali’s is perfectly ended with one of their delectable Creme Brulee’s. For a taste of fusion, Roy’s, founded by Roy Yamaguchi, is a must-go-to destination. Roy’s Restaurant is located in Harbor East. Serving an eclectic fusion menu, Roy’s allows their chefs to stamp their own personality onto the dishes they serve.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baltimore is Pet Friendly

It’s a problem all pet owners face when they are travelling – to bring their pets along or not. For decades, pets are considered a cherished family member and leaving them behind is a sad and tough decision. More and more locations today are embracing the fact that pets are not pests and should be allowed into their premises.
It is no different in Baltimore, where cats and dogs are welcomed almost everywhere. There is an abundance of pet stores, boutiques, spas, sitters, day care and more for your furry friend.
Don’t worry if they fall sick during your travel here in Baltimore as there are four veterinarian clinics available. Now let’s begin with the first thing on a vacation’s list – the accommodation.
There are currently 22 accommodations in Baltimore that are pet friendly. These include Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel, Inn at the Colonnade – Doubletree by Hilton, Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, Holiday Inn Express Baltimore – Downtown, Clarion Collection a Peabody Court Hotel, Hotel Monaco and many more. Please note that some of them may have a surcharge for pets.
Meanwhile, some restaurants may allow you to bring your pet along when you dine at their outdoor area. Here are some of our pick: Wit & Wisdom, A Tavern by Michael Mina, located inside Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, “offers comfort food with a contemporary Eastern Seaboard Twist.” You and your pet will be able to fine dine at this luxurious establishment.
For mouthwatering American cuisine, visit City Café at the corner of Cathedral and Eager Streets. Miss Shirley’s Café offers delicious fares with fresh ingredients while James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant will give you a smattering of Baltimore’s Irish hospitality.
If you’re feeling seaworthy, hop on (with your pet) to Seadog Cruises and Cruises on the Bay™ by Watermark®.
Last but not least is the place where your pet can run free, especially if you have a dog that’s been cooped up for several hours. If you’re worried about your dog and would like to have a leash on it, go to Robert E. Lee Memorial Park on Falls Road at Lakeside Drive. For off-leash fun, visit Canton Dog Park (Clinton and Toone Streets) and Locust Point Dog Park (Andre Street side of Latrobe Park).
There are more selections and choices that can be seen on Visit Baltimore’s website ( Meanwhile, if you need assistance travelling around Baltimore, especially with a pet, give us a call and we may be able to assist you with either a mini bus rental, or if you have a large pet, charter bus.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beauteous Baltimore

Baltimore's hidden gem and crown jewel, the Inner Harbor, is both captivating during the day as it is gorgeous at night. You simply can't beat the view here and at one point, it was the most romantic spot there is to be found in Baltimore. So, whether you are here in Baltimore because of a group vacation, a family gathering, a corporate function in your party bus, charter bus, bus rental vehicle, or luxury limousine, at least get off the vehicle and get a whiff of the amazing air. Believe it or not, if you looked back into the history behind the Inner Harbor, it was possibly one of the most decayed part of Baltimore...but not anymore, all thanks to the focus given to it by the tourism industry in Baltimore.
Our Baltimore bus rentals customers will strongly recommend that you bring the charter bus, coach bus, school bus or mini bus to and make the Baltimore Trade Center your first stop for that awesome overview of the city. Admission is set at an affordable rate but there are discounts for the elderly, children and disabled. Please do check their website out for the latest rates.
The scenery may not be your thing but believe you me, our charter bus rental customers believe that if you are into shopping, you can get your hands on those quaint little souvenirs and hard-to-find local items here in Inner Harbor's main retail area. There are packed restaurants that serve reasonably-priced good food and branded items too. So, for a tourist or a foreigner, this is absolutely a must!
While photography enthusiasts will love the scenery and vibrant entertainment and lifestyle scene, others may enjoy The National Aquarium which features one of the world's most diverse marine life exhibits ever! Those interested in the history of the country or local Baltimore history, the Maritime Museums is the real deal. Check out, when you are here, the Visionary Art Museum so that you can get inspiration and not forgetting the lively night scene at the Power Plant Live. A wide-ranging, different types of bars, clubs, discos, restaurants ensures that you have all the options you need.
Needless to say, since you have your hands on a charter bus, party bus rental package or a mini bus to ferry you and your group around, you get the luxury of spending your time bonding in the bus in between stops. The wonders of having a personalized chauffeur, as you will soon see, is not as expensive as people may think.